Weddings & Couples

Congratulations as you are probably thinking about your wedding day and a unique ceremony you've always wanted! 

Why not celebrate your love in a place that holds a special meaning for you - and we're here to make it happen. At Just Ceremonies, weddings are in our DNA. With a wealth of experience marrying over a thousand couples, we've crafted ceremonies in every imaginable setting, from lovely gardens to exquisite orangeries and breath-taking caves. 
Our mission is to demystify one of the most crucial aspects of your big day - the ceremony.

Surprisingly, the significance of the ceremony is often relegated to the background, sometimes even left to chance, with no prior communication with the officiant until the actual day. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill, same old, same old, raise your sights higher to a ceremony that is as unique as the two of you.

Your ceremony is an opportunity to express your love for the person with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. Imagine having your own dedicated celebrant to curate a ceremony that is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Don't let this crucial element be an afterthought; let us guide you in creating a ceremony that beautifully reflects your unique love story.

And remember we only do one wedding on a day, so will not be rushing off to any other ceremony. You can choose whatever time suits you for your special ceremony. And if we need to delay the start for some reason (maybe a favourite auntie is delayed on her journey), that is also no problem. 

Jackie and Deb in action...

Everything in the ceremony will be there because it is what YOU want...

Designing and leading a ceremony that reflects you as individuals, couples and families is a real privilege, and this is done through meeting and getting to know you. We can tailor the ceremony, making sure you feel confident in each aspect of it, and help your vision materialise. Everything in the ceremony will be there because it is what YOU want and will mean something to you both. 
Your carefully chosen guests will also enjoy listening to your ceremony, hearing anecdotes, personal vows that you write to each other and maybe some mini ceremonial elements for your bespoke ceremony. We have an abundance of readings, poems and ideas to inspire you or can include any that are special to you. 

We will meet (in person or virtually if that works better) to discuss all the details of your event. You will see the full script before the ceremony and can even have a celebration copy to keep afterwards. We are confident you will enjoy reading some of the testimonials from our previous clients and some of the photos of us doing what we do best. 

But don’t I need to be legally married you may ask? Well, yes, you do but why not do this ‘legal bit’ on a different day, maybe in the week leading up to your wedding, so that the actual wedding day really can be personalised and unique and so memorable, not just to the two of you but for all of your guests. After all you don't expect to get the birth certificate the day you have a baby, or the death certificate at the funeral, so why not separate out the legalities of being married from your beautiful wedding.

For further information on how a Celebrant differs from a Registrar and the ‘legal bit’ please see our home page.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

You may be looking to reaffirm your love and commitment with a renewal of vows ceremony, maybe on a special anniversary. 

This could include music and words from your wedding day or be completely new content. You may wish to give new rings or reaffirm your love with the existing ones. Whatever you would like can be included to create a memorable ceremony for you and the people you wish to share it with.