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Giving of a name...

If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the important giving of a name but have decided against christening, an alternative such as a naming ceremony is becoming increasingly popular. A naming ceremony is generally non-religious. It gives parents the opportunity to gather with family and friends to welcome their child into their family. 
At Just Ceremonies we love to make this life event a very special occasion. This is a specially chosen name for your child and will be with them for life so why not celebrate. This occasion is all about you and what matters to you is important to us.
We will spend time getting to know your family so we can conduct a meaningful and personal ceremony. We will meet with you (in person or virtually) and hear about the name you have chosen, things that are important to your family and the people you might like to have a special role in your baby or child’s life. These guiding or supporting people may make promises or offer words of encouragement, a reading or a poem during the ceremony. Music can also be included. Other family members such as siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can also be included and we can have a mini ceremonial too – we have lots of ideas to make this ceremony unique and special. You can all declare your hopes for your child’s future.
Music can also be included. Other family members such as siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can take part and we can have a mini ceremonial action as well.
A naming ceremony can be held at home, in the garden, in a hired room or hotel, the local woods, or the park or even a beach, whatever makes it special for you. You will be presented with a keepsake memory box at the ceremony and a certificate, signed by all those who will hopefully remain special in your child’s life. Naming and Welcoming ceremonies are suitable for babies, toddlers, older children, adopted children and stepchildren. 

Name Change Ceremonies

If you have changed your name by deed poll or simply want to be known differently we can create a ceremony around this too so that it can be celebrated and recognised by family and/or friends.