We would love a special poem: any ideas?

We would love a special poem: any ideas?

We are often asked if we know of any lovely poetry, this one is beautiful, especially if you are having your ceremony outside next to a lovely river...

"Wedding Poem" by Whitney Hanson Poetry

They say that sometimes love starts with a spark. 

And that might be true, but if I were to wish you a love, I wouldn't wish fire for you. 

You see, fire is powerful. It burns bright and then it's gone. 

It's beautiful and warm, but it doesn't last long. 

So instead of wishing you a love that burns, I wish you a love like a river twists and turns.

It changes and it flows, It is powerful and free. 

But it consistently finds its way back to the sea. 

And so like the water, I hope your love is ever growing, ever changing. 

I hope your love is powerful and free, 

And may you always find each other, Like a river finds the sea.