Behind the Scenes: Crafting Your Love Story

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Your Love Story

Ever wondered how long it takes us to weave the magic of your ceremony script? Well, it's a bit like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" – as each love story is as unique as that elusive string! Here's a sneak peek into our creative process:

Special Couples Questionnaire: 

We kick things off by sending you a personalised questionnaire. It delves into the depths of your journey – from how you met to your hopes for the future. We explore the nuances of your relationship, maybe details of your family and even any four-legged friends.

Getting to Know You: 

We meet up to get to know each other better. It's like a coffee date but with more love in the air! This helps us understand your story on a deeper level and what is really important to you. It sets the stage for the ceremony.

Bare Bones and Structure: 

We lay the foundation – the bare bones and structure of your ceremony. This provides the framework, and we let it simmer for a few days, allowing the ideas to develop!

Layering Like an Onion: 

Now comes the interesting part – layering on the levels of your information. Like peeling an onion, we add the richness of your story until we have a comprehensive document that captures the essence of your love.

Vows, the Heartfelt Touch: 

If you're opting for personal vows, we dive into crafting them. You can either share your own or ask us to draft a first version. It's a pivotal moment that adds a personal touch to your ceremony.

Your Input Matters: 

We value your input! Once everything's in place, it's back to you for comments. We're not attached to our words – they must resonate with you. Feel free to make any alterations until it feels just right.

Stage Directions and Final Touches: 

No detail is left to chance. We add stage directions and instructions for the big day, ensuring everything unfolds seamlessly.

Your love story is the star of the show, and we're here to ensure every word reflects the magic of your unique journey. 

Ready to script your happily ever after? Let the storytelling begin!